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Do you enjoy writing? Are you a good communicator, with a strong ability to organize your thoughts and present them in a clear and understandable way? If so, and if you have a topic you are already passionate, knowledgable, and experienced with, them becoming a writer might be for you! Writing a book, whether fiction or non-fiction, requires many hours of brainstorming, research, drafts, and revision. When its all said and done, you'll have a work that you'll be proud to call your own. A product and expression of your experience, whether founded up research and fact, or built creatively out of your imagination for entertainment. The best part about writing, is that you can start it right now! All you need to get started is your passion, a pencil, and a piece of paper. Or since you are reading this on your computer, that will work too. You can start at any point to write down your own thoughts and consider taking the next step to either finding a publisher, or self-publishing later on.

As a writer, there is not a great deal of cost involved if your knowledge comes from existing experience. Your biggest cost will likely be your time spent writing and revising, along with publishing and printing costs as well as any promotional expenses if that's something you decide to do. It will require a great deal of knowledge if you are writing something non-fiction. The flexibility in writing is tremendous, although sometimes you may decide to give up certain committments as your ideas and inspirition suddenly hit. The income potential for a book that becomes successful is extremely high.

Read existing books of a similar type to what you would like to write about. This helps you to become aware of what's already been done, and gives you knowledge to build upon in your own writing.

For beginners, consider joining an online writing forum for advice from other authors. Networking with others of a like mind can provide many opportunities to grow and share with others in your same line of work.

Although it is not absolutely neccessary to write and publish your own book, you may want to take some writing courses either at your local college or online.

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