Start A Desktop Publishing Business
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Learning Curve:
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Desktop Publishing involves using a computer to design and print such items as business logos, newsletters, restaurant menus, advertisements, business cards, forms, and more. Signs and displays that once required a lot of manual labor now can all be done right in your home office with the right equipment. The basic equipment you will need is a computer, a high quality printer, and the essential software for the projects you will be taking on.

As for startup cost, the cost of the basic equipment is usually minimal and you can purchase additional software needed for more complex projects as your business grows. You will either be seeing customers at their location or inviting them to your office. So if your office is in your home, make sure it presents itself well, is neat and clean. It does take some time to learn the programs and you will need some basic design skills to create layouts and graphics that are visually appealing. Some of this, you just have to have an eye for. The learning can usually be done in a relatively short amount of time though and your skills will evolve over time. There is also a lot of flexibility as well as income potential in this field.

Advertise in business directories and the yellow pages. Additionally, since a large part of your business will be from other businesses and organizations, you might want to consider designing an ad and using direct mail to let them know about your services.

For beginners, you may want to start by focusing on one niche and expanding your skill set as your business grows. For example, you may want to start by publishing just church newsletters, or only restaurant menus to start.

If business is slow, consider joining freelance websites to find projects from people online. You can deliver most items electronically or by mail, so don't limit yourself to just your local area.

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