Start A Computer Repair & Support Service
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Computers and technology are a part of our everyday life. Another fact of life is that they break, slow down, and seem to know just when to give us random error messages that won't go away. If you have a knack for technology and find yourself being the "go to" person for everyone's computer help needs, then maybe you can make a business out of it. Computer repair could range from fixing or replacing outdated or worn out PC parts, cleaning and optimizing computers so they run faster, to recovering lost data. Not everyone is technically saavy when it comes to their PC or laptop, so if it is your strength and you have a passion for helping other people, computer support and repair makes for a great home-based business, whether part or full-time.

Starting a computer repair business does not take much initial financial investment if you plan on working from home. There will be parts to order but this will be on a case by case basis as they are needed by your customers. It does take a great deal of technical knowledge which some have taught themselves, or you may choose to take some courses at your local college or technical school. There is a amount of flexibility and the income potential is usually moderate to high.

Examine the competition in your area to see what niche markets aren't completely filled and what price you can charge for your services.

Determine which clientele you would like to market; residential or commercial and develop a local marketing plan to reach them. For local businesses, direct mail is a great idea!

Since most of your business will be within your local area, attend community events and join local groups to network and spread word about your services.

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