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Starting your own website can be a very low-cost way to build something with near unlimited potential. We all have a talent, strength, hobby, or core skill in our lives, and the internet now offers us the opportunity to share that knowledge and drive with the rest of the world. Whatever your interest, you can turn it into your own website and online business.

Take for example, which allows users to freely upload and watch videos posted to their website. It was started in February 2005 by three people, became widely popular in a short amount of time, and was purchased by Google the very next year for $1.65 Billion. Now, this is one end of the extreme, but it just goes to show you how something extremely valuable can be created and spread across the internet in a relatively short amount of time. In most cases, you don't need a lot of start up capital unless you plan on making or storing some type of product inventory. But with dropshippers and affiliate programs available today, even carrying inventory isn't necessary to create a profitable website that sells an endless array of products. You see, let's say you have a hobby for humor and want to put up a website that lists your favorite puns and jokes. Even though this isn't a product or something you can sell you can still turn that website into a revenue generating business by adding sponsored ads, links to joke books, comedy videos, and much more. Most of this can be done through affiliate programs or by adding sponsored ads from a provider like Google. It doesn't require you to carry and sell anything directly. Instead you get paid from advertisers and sponsors when people visit their stores and products from your website. The main thing you just need to focus on is your own passion, and turning that passion into a meaningful and useful website that people will visit.

Typically to begin building a website you will need to gain some kind of knowledge in HTML or in creating a website with software like Macromedia Dreamweaver. If you want a more professional look, it helps to purchase some photo editing software as well, like Adobe Photoshop. You will also need to find a website hosting service, domain name, and understand the technical aspects of how to upload files and monitor the growth of your website. Additionally, you will want to teach yourself at least a basic understanding of search engine optimization as well as other options for marketing your website, such as through press releases, articles, links, and also paid search campaigns. This can become a daunting task to learn all of these things on your own, let alone to know which software to purchase. The costs can really add up quickly into the thousands. Alternatively, there is one product called SiteSell out there that incorporates everything you need into one simple solution. It makes it easy to build your own website and guides you along the entire process. It includes your hosting, domain name, and checks each page of your website as you create it for search optimization (so it will rank in the search engines). It can be a huge cost and time saver, allowing almost anyone to build a website with very little technical knowledge needed. For me details on this particular program, see the next section.

Startup costs for launching your own website will vary greatly depending upon a wide variety of factors. Typically, between development software, a computer, hosting, and additional tools you can expect to spend at least a couple thousand dollars, and a fair amount of time teaching yourself. Technical mindset would be very adventagious if you are doing this yourself, or there are also some programs out there that offer these tools in one easy-to-use program that guides you through every step of the process. If you are building your own website from scratch, you will want to become familiar with HTML programming, design and photo editing software, as well as how to upload files and maintin a website. You can expect to spend a fair amount of time learning both technical, as well as advertising/marketing related methods for your website. There is a great amount of flexibility withhaving your own website. You can work wherever your computer is, and create and update content as your own time permits. As far as income potential goes, the sky is really the limit. It can go from zero to being purchased for over $1 Billion like YouTube was in just over a year after starting it.

Develop an overall plan for your website on paper prior to creating it on the computer.

Spend extra time learning web marketing and search rankings as getting people to visit your site will be the other half of the battle, once your website has been built.

If you are new and are looking for an easier to understand, less technical way to build your website, consider an all-encompassing solution like SiteSell.

SiteSell is a simple, yet cost effective way to create your own website and integrate tools to generate an income from it. Their service helps you create your own website without in-depth technical knowledge and is much cheaper than buying all the tools to manually build a website! They take care of everything and walk you through the steps, including getting a domain name, creating content, choosing a look for your site, hosting it, and incorporating tools to generate revenue from it. If you've ever wanted to start your own website, this service can help you!
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