Start A Wedding Planning Business
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Wedding Planners plan and organize, book services, and coordinate all of the vital aspects of a wedding. Initially they will sit down with a couple or their family to help determine important things like the wedding date, location, and an overall theme and atmosphere. The can be responsible for hiring the various vendors, making dinner arrangments, getting the music, ordering flowers, orchestrating the overall process, and making sure it all goes according to budget. Wedding planning is a smallers subset of "event planning" with a specializing in wedding events. They are a big enough business in themself and couples want the entire event to be "perfect" so they're willing to pay for someone who specializes in managing those specific duties. As a wedding planner you will need to have plenty of stamina and excellent people skills. Creativity, organizational skills, as well as the ability to multitask and deal well with stress are all essential.

The cost to startup an wedding planning business will vary depending upon whether you will remain home-based, or if you plan to immediately start renting office space and hiring employees. For home-based starters, you can get by with only a modest upfront investment, mostly for equipment. A great deal of learning must be done in advance to develop the proper relationships with vendors and suppliers who will be your contacts for events in the future. Experience really is beneficial and you may even want to consider getting a professional certification to demonstrate that you are in fact a professional when it comes to event planning. You will be limited in your flexibility in this field. Most wedding planners find themselves working beyond normal business hours in order to make sure all the details and problems get taken care of. The income potential can be quite lucrative in this market.

Consider getting professional certification for event planning. This will instill confidence in your potential clients that you are in fact a "professional" when it comes to planning wedding events.

Networking is vital! Although most tradiational advertising methods can be helpful, most business in this industry is usually generated by word-of-mouth and through social networking.

Be sure you have the energy and ability to deal well with stress. There are a number of both expected and unexpected situations that will need to be dealt with to oversee that each wedding goes off without a hitch. The pressure of managing all of this on your own can be great, so be sure you have the stamina for it.

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