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Are you creative, have an eye for design, and like working with computers? If so you might want to consider becoming a web designer. Web Designers design websites for organizations, businesses, and individuals. They meet with the client to determine what kind of website they want, and what features it must include. Web design is primarily concerned with coming up with a look and feel, planning out the pages, then designing and putting together a finished website for the client. This could encompass some computer programming skills for things like login features, shopping carts, and search capabilities among others. This starts to cross over into website development territory, in which case you can learn these skills as well, or contract them out to freelancers.

Website Design can be taught in a formal setting, or there is plenty of material available online that can help you teach yourself. There are certain programs you will want to invest in, including an HTML design program and photo editing software. The overall startup cost is low, though you will need to spend time learning the basics and your design skills will grow as you use them. There is tremendous flexibility in this line of work and it is an easy one to start from home. The income potential is moderate, though as your company grows, you may wish to expand and hire others.

Spend time going through free courses online to become familiar with the basics of website design. There are plenty of books and professional courses available as well.

Network at community events and advertise in your general area to small business, non-profits, bands, and anyone else who might need a website. You can also offer website re-design services to makeover, update, or maintain existing sites.

Find some freelance programmers either online or in your area to team up with when you get projects that include skills you haven't yet mastered. There's nothing worse than accepting a design job and then not being able to fully deliver what you client needs.

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