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Are you a knowledgable person? Do you like teaching or working with youth? If so, starting a home-based tutoring business may be what you've been looking for. Tutors spend time working one-on-one with their clients either at school or in their home giving them the extra personalized attention they need to learn a given subject. Some tutors specialize in one particular subject that they are good at, such as Math. While others teaching younger students are comfortable working in all subjects. It helps to have teaching and communication skills, and while it is not required to have a degree of any kind, you may be able to instill more trust and command higher rates with one, rather than without.

There are very minimal costs involved with starting a tutoring business. The knowledge, skill, and teaching ability should already come from within you, and the books and assignments at hand will be provided by the person you are tutoring. You will need to have a thorough understanding of the subject at hand in order to help the student, but beyond that, formal training is generally not required. There is some moderate flexibility as a tutor, although most of the time with school students, you will be trying to tailor your meeting times in coordination with the parent's schedule. The income potential is moderate and dependent upon the amount of time you put in. Most tutors charge on a per hour basis, with $20/hr being common. Rates will vary though depending upon your skill level, local economy, and the success of your students.

Word of mouth is one of your biggest forms of advertising. Be sure to help your students get results, since the parents will likely be eager to pass your name along to other parents with struggling children.

If you don't have a degree, or have no teaching experience, consider volunteering or taking courses to gain some active teaching experience.

Stop by local schools, counselors, and even home school organizations to let them know about your services. Be sure to have a resume you can leave with them listing your experience and primary subjects.

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