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As a travel consultant you can help arrange your client's travel plans and get them the best rates possible. As a travel agent you may be suggesting vacation ideas, coordinating plans with airlines, hotels, rental companies, as well as various activities the client may wish to participate in while visiting their desitination. Travel Consultants may choose to specialize in just one area or become all encompassing, helping with vacations, cruises, honeymoons, winery tours, golf trips, business travel and more. One area that has seen particular growth is a focus in "medical travel consulting". This is in response to the huge expense and wait times for receiving particular medical treatment in more developed places like the United States and Europe. As a result, some people opt for "medical tourism" which involves visiting another country and receiving their medical treatment or much needed surgery elsewhere where there is quality treatment, little to no wait, and for a substantially lower cost. In this particular niche, medical travel consultants may arrange plans with the medical facilities in addition to basic travel arrangements.

Becoming a travel consultant often requires very little upfront investment in terms of either money or formal learning. It does provide a great deal of flexibility, as many travel consultants choose to either work from home, or travel to meet with their clients. The income potential will vary depending on the level of business you do, but this has been known to be a pretty lucrative industry.

Join an online forum or read books on travel consulting for ideas and advice.

Develop a business plan for you home-based consultancy to monitor progress and track growth. As a travel consultant with little upfront cost, one of your main areas of focus might be on marketing.

Attend community events to get the word out about your services and network with people in your area. Everyone travels, so almost anyone might be willing to use your services.

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