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As countries and cultures become more and more integrated with one another both socially and commercially, there exists a great need for translators to cross the language barrier. If you are fluent in more than one language, then you can work at translating documents such as legal papers, contracts, newsletters, memos, emails, and other personal dialogue. Even if you don't know more than one language yourself, you can contract freelancers to do the work for you. There are a number of freelance websites for translators that you can either join yourself for finding new business, or which you can browse through to create your own private pool of translators for your own service.

There are very little startup costs involved in the translation business. It will however require a great deal of learning and a thorough knowledge of the language in which you are translating. If you aren't doing this yourself, then make sure the translators you are contracting with are extremely knowledgable in the language too. The last thing you want is a critical error or mistranslation on an important business or legal contract. There is a moderate amount of flexibility with this line of work and it is quite easy to start and run from home. The income potential can be at least moderate, and will vary depending on your skill and the amount of business you do.

Join freelance translation websites to find new business for yourself, or to recruit freelancers who are fluent in languages you are not.

The internet will be a valuable tool for generating new business in this line of work. Set up a website for your translation business and offer potential clients free quotes on their documents.

Focus your efforts on businesses or individuals who do business internationally. This could include suppliers, shippers, retailers, or anyone else who needs to communicate across borders.

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