Start A Scrapbooking Business
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Do you love organizing pictures and creating fun and interesting themes to go with them? If scrapbooking already sounds fun as a hobby, then maybe it's time to make it into a business. Many people are willing to pay for a professional scrapbook artist to organize photos and present them in a meaningful way. These people may lack the time, skill, or creative expression to do so on their own. Professional scrapbookers are often hired to create archives for weddings, vacations, graduations, babies, and more. As a professional scrapbook artist you can truly help people preserve their most precious memories.

Scrapbook artists have very little startup costs in most cases. You can start out by purchasing your supplies in small quantities at retail, and then shift to larger, bulk orders (often at a discount) as your business grows. It does take some creative talent, but there is not much formal learning you'll have to go through. There are scrapbooking classes available and if you love to teach too, then you might want to consider hosting such classes yourself as additional form of income. You can also create your own scrapbook themed products, such as a baby scrapbook and then selling that as a standalone product. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility in this line of work and earnings can be modest.

The fun business of scrapbooking can make a great supplemental service and additional stream of income for professional photographers.

Consider offering online scrapbook versions as well. People wishing to preserve a very important memory, such as a wedding or new baby, may want to share their baby scrapbook in an online format with friends and family.

Read books and attend scrapbooking classes when available to broaden your scope and creative skill within the scrapbooking industry.

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