Start A Sales-Based Business
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Are you personable? Do you like to sell things? If so, you may want to consider one of the many jobs out there in which you can act as a salesperson on your own time and from your own home. There are a number of opportunities available out there for everything from making direct sales calls to hosting dinner parties in your home to sell cookware. Cars, real estate, and countless other industries all need good salespeople to get their products sold. Many reputable companies exist in this area, and many will pay you either hourly for your sales efforts, or per item on a commission basis. If you like people, and you're good at selling, then consider becoming a home-based salesperson.

The startup cost for becoming a home-based salesperson will depend largely on the opportunity you choose to become a part of. Some companies will offer you training, others may have additional requirements. So startup cost and learning will vary from opportunity to opportunity. The flexibility is usually moderate to high in this line of work and again, income will vary depending upon the specific opportunity you decide to become a part of.

Read books, magazines, and websites for all the information you can get on improving your selling techniques.

Look for opportunities online that could incorporate your sales skills. There are many companies and programs out there which allow you to start your own independent business selling their products.

Come up with a business plan to budget your time and evaluate your progress. If you are being paid on a commission basis, what does it work out to be per hour? Would your time be better spent elsewhere?

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