Start A Recruiting Business
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Recruiters help match qualified job seekers with companies looking for people to fill very specific positions. Often a recruiter will work for finding job candidates with more than one company at a time, and are typically paid when one of the candidates they referred is hired. It takes time to go through resumes and meet with qualified candidates, and if none of them get hired, you usually don't get paid at all. So the income in this line of work can fluctuate drastically in relation to your ability to successfully make a match.

Home-based Recruiting requires strong people and analytical skills. You must be sharp to know exactly what a company is looking for, and be keen enough to weed through countless resumes that would be a waste of time with little potential for added benefit. There are many recruiter training programs available but it would be ideal to have earned at least a bachelor's degree in Human Resources or a related field. Because of this, the startup cost will be moderate and will require a great deal of knowledge about the industries within which you are working. There is a moderate amount of flexibility and the income potential will vary, though when a recruiter is successful at recruiting, they usually make a very comfortable living.

You may choose to focus on one or two industries and learn them well. Don't just study the industry, but build good working relationships with the companies and key players in that field.

Consider taking additional training programs in job recruitment and human resources to stay current.

You should be analytical and sharp. You will go through hundreds of resumes and have to pick out key information that will make a particular candidate a more likely match which will get them hired, and you paid.

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