Start A Professional Organizing Business
Startup Cost:
Learning Curve:
Income Potential:

If you love keeping things neat and orderly in your own home and personal life, then you may be able to make a living while helping others who are less organized at the same time. Professional organizers help everyone from individuals with a cluttered closet, to a businessperson with a messy desk full of random paper piles. Professional organizers are not only needed to clean up the initial mess, they can help their clients develop processes and systems that will enable them to become more oderly on their own. In general you can expect to develop filing methods, deal with time management, and work on space planning and storage design.

The startup cost and learning usually just involves taking some courses and getting some form of certification for professional organizing. Once you begin working at building up your client base, you will have a moderate degree of flexibility. Most of your work will involve travelling to other people's homes and workspaces, so that can make it easier if you wish to remain home-based. The income potential can be quite high if you get enough recurring clients. Of course your ultimate goal is to instill systems and processes that will enable the client to ultimately take over and become more organized and efficient on their own, so there can be a bit of a lifespan to some of your clients. That's why new referrals can become very important to maintaining your business.

Consider joining or getting certified by a professional organizers organization. This will expand your knowledge and build credibility.

Consider building a porfolio of before and after pictures by volunteering to help your friends and family become more organized.

Offer incentives to clients for referring other clients your way, such as a free number of sessions in return.

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