Start A Photography Business
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Professional photographers are responsible for capturing lasting memories in the form of either film or digial photographs of major events like weddings, anniversaries, conferences, and more. Photography takes a good eye and is a bit of an art. You can spend plenty of time reading books and looking through countless professional photographs, but if you can't put those techniques to work in a new setting, then they mean next to nothing. It takes skill and a creative ability to capture not just scenes, but lasting memories that convey emotion.

Starting a professional photography business does take considerable financial investment for equipment and also for learning and experience, usually in the form of professional classes. Flexibility is limited since you need to base your schedule according to your client's event, though you can be more flexibile when it comes to more of the independent work like developing and printing. The income potential can be substantial if you find the right niche or recruit enough clients. Over time as you build a name for yourself and establish your abilities, you may be able to command a higher rate.

Participate in photography contests. This not only provides great experience but can be a great portfolio enhancer if you should win.

Consider taking professional photography classes to gain a greater knowledge of techniques and also for the business end of running a photography service.

Having a portfolio is extremely important. Nowadays it is much easier to display your work in an easy to access way in the form of an interactive website. Consider adverising and linking to your porfolio in this manner as it gives potential clients and easy way to see your work, before they even contact you.

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