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Millions of people own pets. Nearly all of those pet owners go away from time to time and while they may not want to have their dog stay in some out-of-home facility for an extended period of time, they may want someone to come by their home and either watch or walk their dog for short periods of time. Dog walking, or pet sitting as it is more generally referred to involves this type of service. Having a love for pets is a must and at least some skill in dog obedience and training is helpful. There are professional organizations you can join to stay informed of the latest trends in the industry and to provide helpful ideas on how to expand your operation.

Most pet sitters can start with an extremely limited financial investment. There is very little you have to purchase in order to get started. Some basic knowledge or a professional pet sitting certification would be wise, however you may just wish to start by working with people you personally know to see how it goes first. Flexibility is limited when you are doing the pet sitting yourself, since you need to be on call whenever the pet owners need your services. Most people new to pet sitting will see a huge amount of business around major holidays when people travel or in the summer months when pet owners are on vacation. During these peak times, you may want to consider highering additional help. Income potential is somewhat limited when you are doing it yourself, however as the business grows and additional help is hired the income potential increases significantly.

Advertise in local pet stores, vet offices, and in community newsletters.

Consider getting certified by a professional pet sitting organization. This will provide you with credibility and the knowledge on what to do in situations such as a quarellsome dog or pet injury.

Consider adding additional services such as grooming and training if you have expertise in these areas as well to seperate yourself apart from the competition.

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