Start A Pet Grooming Business
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Many people want the very best for their pets. They treat them as their own children and are willing to spend the money to ensure that receive the treatments they feel they deserve. If you love working with pets, then pet grooming is one option for you. As a pet groomer you might brush, bath, trim, and style the animals, give pet massages, and offer other services like fur coloring, teeth brushing, and exercise routines.

If you'd like to remain home-based, then you may consider making your pet spa mobile. In otherwords, instead of renting a facility, consider using a vehicle that can accommodate your client's pets and allow you to travel to them instead of them having to come to you. There is usually a fair amount of investment needed in supplies, equipment, tables, and more. If you're aiming for a luxury spa clientele, then you will need to make the extra investment for top of the line equipment. There is a moderate amount of flexibility, though if you wish to remain home-based or travel to your client's homes, then you will need to set aside a chunk of time for travel. The income potential can be quite high if your price your services right and book enough appointments.

Advertise in local pet stores, vet offices, and in community newsletters.

Consider offering additional products and pet supplies which compliment your existing business.

Research other pet spas and grooming services in your area. Develop a business plan and determine which benefits and services you can offer to stand out from the rest.

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