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The personal concierge industry is still a rather small one, yet there is a need from busy CEOs to timestrapped middle class parents to take care of organizing their life and managing the day to day tasks which they don't have time for. Generally speaking, a personal concierge is kind of like a secretary on steroids. As a personal concierge you may take requests for scheduling meetings, organizing a desk, setting up travel plans, or making dinner reservations. The job is dynamic and no two days or clients will seem the same. You must be good at organizing and it helps to be good at multi-tasking as needs arise.

Starting a personal concierge service usually doesn't require a large initial investment in either learning or money. Your clients may include busy individuals, or even entire companies. Some corporations are now turning to personal concierge services to help their employees meet their business and personal obligations, allowing them to be more productive in their job. Regardless of who it is your are serving, you will find your flexibility limited as you will be responding to the requests of others on a consistent basis. The income potential can be moderate though, and sometimes personal concierges can get good tips and gifts as thank yous from their clients.

Attend town meetings and any other place where you can network with local businesspeople and busy individuals to mention your services.

Be sure you have strong organizational skills and can adapt well to circumstances as they arise, multi-tasking to get things done.

Develop a sound billing method. Some concierges charge a membership fee, allowing for a certain number of monthly requests, while others will charge an hourly rate.

Personal Concierge Business Startup Guide Personal Concierge Business Startup Guide

More and more people willing to pay good money for personal services that help make their lives easier. Entrepreneur Magazine's guide will show you how to get started in two high-paying, and exciting, personal service businesses: personal concierge and personal shopper.
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