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As a party planner you can help organize and run parties for event like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, showers, and more. As a party planner you may develop a theme for the party, which will require listening to your client's needs and developing a creative solution. You may also be responsible for all aspects of the party such as the food, music, supplies, or for starters, you may wish to just focus on one or more key aspects until you feel more capable of running the whole show.

Party planners are usually very social people with good organizational skills. You should count on being present during the party to make sure that everything runs smoothly. There typically isn't a huge upfront investment of your time or money, but this can vary depending on what equipment you plan to purchase yourself, or if you prefer to rent most of it on an event-to-event basis. The flexibility can be somewhat low as you will be taking care of a lot of details and likely spending your time at the parties when they are scheduled. The income potential is usually moderate, and this is a smaller subset of the general "event planning" business. If you wish to plan other events besides just parties, you may want to read up on event planning.

Consider getting professional certification for event planning for parties. This will instill confidence in your potential clients that you are in fact a "professional" when it comes to the planning process.

Networking is vital! Although most tradiational advertising methods can be helpful, most business in this industry is usually generated by word-of-mouth and through social networking.

Be sure you have the energy and ability to deal well with stress. There are a number of both expected and unexpected situations that will need to be dealt with to oversee that a major event goes off without a hitch. The pressure of managing all of this on your own can be great, so be sure you have the stamina for it.

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