Start A Massage Therapy Business
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Are you a hands on person who enjoys empathizing with others and helping them feel better? Do you work well independently? If you answered yes to these questions and the thought of phsyical contact with complete strangers does not gross you out, then massage therapy is a profession to consider. Massage therapists work at relieving stress and muscle tension and overcoming injuries. There are even some forms that deal specifically with animal massage, so there are plenty of niches out there if you'd like to narrow your focus.

Generally, become a massage therapist will require certification and classes. These requirements will vary from city to city, so be sure to check your local laws. Massage Therapy is something that can be done from home, or if your clients prefer, you may even travel to their homes. If you're in need of more regular business, you can also work part or full time at places such as health clubs, spas, and even some corporations which hire massage therapists in an effort to relax their employees and help them better deal with the stresses of everyday life. Most of your costs in terms of both money and learning will be in the form of the required classes for certification and practice in your area. Once you're able to begin operating, there is a low to moderate amount of flexibility and the income potential is moderate if you are the one in the business who is performing all of the massage work.

Know your local laws and requirements. Be sure to get the proper certification, permits, and training for practicing massage therapy in your area.

Start by volunteering your services to people whom you already know. They in turn, can refer new clients to your practice. You may also consider teaming up with local health club workers, chiropracters, and other professionals who might be able to send you new referrals.

Seek advice and guidance from existing massage therapists. There are plenty of online forums and other communities which you can join and discuss your questions with experienced professionals.

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