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If you're a hands-on person who loves the outdoors and wants to earn your own income on your own time, then landscaping may be one viable option. Your landscaping business might focus on cutting yards, planting trees and shrubs, and mulching among many other things. Your customers will either be residential clients or businesses. Though corporate clients can provide a very stable flow of work and income, you may find it easier as a beginner to get work with residential clients. This could include newer homes in wealthier areas of town, or older homes that need work done to maintain their original appeal. Additionally housing plans where homes are older may have people who can no longer cut their own grass or keep up with their own yard work. All of these people make great potential clients.

There will be a moderate amount of startup money involved to purchase equipment, tools, and if it is needed, additional workers. There is not a great deal of "book" knowledge that is neccessary, though you do want to be sure you are well educated enough on the numbers side to keep the business running at a steady profit. There is also a moderate amount of flexibility as you can schedule clients when you would prefer to, you do however need to be present at each appointment if you are doing the work yourself. In terms of income potential, this market can be very lucrative. The only downside is that it is typically seasonal, at least in the northern states. To combat this, you may wish to offer services like snow removal during the winter months.

Consider offering discounts or a completely free service in exchange for referrals of new customers.

Read up on information regarding how to start a landscaping business. Be clear on the laws in your areas which may require certification to use particular chemicals on your customer's lawns.

Get a custom magnet with your company name and logo to stick on the side of your truck. This is a cheap and easy way for a beginner to look more professional.

Lawn Care/Landscaping Business Startup Guide Lawn Care/Landscaping Startup Guide

Whether it's just picking up a few residential yards to make some extra money, or contracting with commercial office parks or apartments for the big bucks, you can quickly be on your way to earning the income you desire. Entrepreneur Magazine's guide will show you how to create your own landscaping business.
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