Start A Jewelry Design Business
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Starting your own jewelry design business can be fun, exciting, and its usually rather cheap to startup! There's not too much you'll need to learn in a formal setting though it does help to read up and stay informed about the jewelry making process, materials, and different techniques. You will also want to consider researching suppliers of the materials you will need to make your items. If you develop a good working relationship as a repeat, bulk, buyer you can often get more competitive wholesale prices, allowing you to increase your profit margin. Be sure to stay informed about local craft shows, and actively try to market your products to retail stores.

If you have an eye for design and creation, making the jewelry should come naturally. Most of your learning in this area will be more business oriented and concerned with accounting, marketing, and promoting your products. This is a highly flexibile line of work, and as your business grows, you may even consider working on new designs full-time, while hiring other workers to assemble the pieces and do the redundant work. If you are able to successfully sell and grow your operation, then the income potentional can be quite high.

For individual starters who have not yet struck deals with retailers to sell your merchandise, consider setting up a website and selling to people directly. Online auctions can be a great way to start finding customers directly.

For each new customer you find, be sure to request some kind of follow-up information such as an email or mailing address. This way you will have a list of customers you can contact with specials and new items in the future.

Pick your strategy. You may want to focus on just one type of jewelry, such as necklaces, or earrings to begin, or offer a wide variety of non-specific items.

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