Start A Gift Basket Business
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Starting a gift basket business is a rather simple way to start working from home with a low-cost low-overhead operation. You can focus on a specific niche like baby shower baskets, or do all encompassing baskets like grourmet food, bath, and even customized baskets. Your customers will either be individuals or you can focus on recruiting businesses to bulk order from you. Corporate gift baskets can provide a great deal of income if you are able to sustain the larger orders. This typically means buying your most common supplies such as baskets, fillings, and more in bulk, while making smaller, retail purchases for the more customizable items your customers will request.

In this business you can expect to spend a great deal of time shopping for the specific items that will be included in the various baskets. Most of your marketing can be done by word-of-mouth once you get an existing and repeat customer base, but to start you might want to consider direct mail advertising to local businesses. Once you get the word out about your gift baskets the income potential can be quite high. Plenty of gift basket businesses find themselves generating a profit of around 15-30% per basket. The great thing in this simple market is that it requires very little upfront investment in terms of either money or learning.

Research what your nearest competitors are charging for similar baskets. If they are much lower than what you're offering, you need to find cheaper materials or focus on a different niche.

Spend time finding a supplier who can ship you your most common materials that will be used in all baskets in bulk at a wholesale price.

Expect a spike in business around major holidays, and make sure you can support a large number of orders at one time. You don't want to turn down business simply because you didn't have the temporary or immediate help to meet the demand.

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