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Becoming your own florist is a fun and exciting way to create beautiful arrangements that also provide an income. Most people that enter into this business open up their own flower shop, or you may be able to work out a deal within a local store that already sells related items like a card store, garden center, supermarket, among other places. Alternatively, you can start this business working from home if you have the space, but you may find it difficult to get new customers without having an actual store where they can find you. If you are just starting out though, and already personally know several customers who would let you create their arrangements, it can be a great way to enter into the market and test the waters.

As a florist, your first priority will be to ensure that you develop a good working relationship with one or more suppliers of flowers. You will need to make sure they are providing you with the "freshest" of flowers and that they are always delivered on-time. Timing is everything when it comes to a major event, and especially when you're dealing with items which are so delicate and perishable. This becomes even more important as you grow into owning your own floral shop. Having live examples and displays means that the flowers will have a high rate of turnover. You need to account for a greater number of new customers to balance out the lost money on flowers that have "died" before customers purchased them. If you are fortunate enough to be located extremely close to a floral supplier, you may be able to get by with ordering the flowers only once your customers have ordered them from you. This cuts back on wasted supply, but you will still need displays and examples once you plan on opening a walk-in store.

Browse through photos of weddings and other events to get more ideas for your own bouquets and arrangments.

Consider joining an online forum or group that networks you with other florists. This can be a great way for a newcomer to get advice and break into the industry while avoiding some of the most common pitfalls.

Find a niche and come up with a plan on how you will market your arrangements to potential customers. You might want to start by only focusing on weddings of friends and family before branching out further.

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