Start A Doggy Daycare
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Starting a doggy daycare is a great way to begin a home business with a very limited investment. Millions of people own dogs, and they love them endlessly. Unfortunately, most pet owners can't be around all day to give their pets the attention they need. Dogs especially are very social animals and need the attention and companionship of people or other dogs. By starting a doggy daycare, you can enjoy looking after as many dogs as you'd like to take in and feel the satisfaction of knowing that you are meeting the basic needs these animals cannot get elsewhere. Of course, you get paid for it too! Some things you may want to consider in addition to just watching the animals are offering dog training and grooming services as an added bonus or in addition to your basic services. Flexibility is kind of low since you must be where the pets are all day long, however as your business grows, you may consider purchasing an out of home facility and hiring other professionals to manage the daily opertations. In this case, the income potential grows significantly, but it makes sense to start small and build a client base from the bottom up. As word of mouth spreads and you take on more clients, then you can realizing a much greater potential for income.

Make sure you have the right kind of space or facility available to care for multiple dogs. Will your neighbors mind some extra barking? Does your local area have any restrictions?

Research other nearby doggy daycares and get ideas on how much they charge and what services they offer. How will you differentiate yourself? Will you offer training, grooming, or additional services?

Make a list of all the supplies you will need. This includes toys, leashes, food, and be sure to have a plan for what to do when a fight arises between dogs. You must have some skill in maintaining authority over each pet and knowing what to do if and when one of them gets out of control.

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