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Starting a cleaning business has a wide variety of avenues which you can choose to specialize in. For instance, you can focus on outdoor cleaning or indoor cleaning, residential clients or commercial, daytime hours or nighttime hours, carpets and floors, bathrooms, blinds, and the list goes on. There are so many niche possibilities out there that narrowing your focus may be half the battle. Professional cleaners need to have physical endurance as well as carry a trustworthy personality. Most residential jobs, also known as maid services, will do their work during the day. Most of the clients for residential work will be dual working or affluent couples, as well as older inviduals who may no longer be able to clean for themselves. In the commercial arena, most of the work will likely be done at night. This could include cleaning parking lots, sweeping and waxing floors, and cleaning bathrooms. Office buildings are especially large customers in the commercial cleaning industry.

The startup cost for a cleaning business will vary depending on a number of factors. First, will you be doing the work yourself, or would you prefer to schedule appointments and manage others who will do the actual cleaning? Can you purchase all the equipment you'll need to start? Some people also find it easier to follow a set template of sorts by starting their business under a franchise. This has the benefit of a more established brand with proven methods and guidance, however it will limit your ability to be flexible and call all the shots yourself. Overall the flexibility is pretty limited in this field, and the income potential is moderate. However, if you own the business, grow it, and hire other workers to do the cleaning, the potential can be quite a lot higher.

Pick a niche. There are so many opportunities available in the cleaning industry. Take a look at your local area and see what could be done better, or where there is room for an additional competitor.

Come up with a business plan detailing your income, costs, and growth plan. Planning things out on the numbers side is just as important as the physical work itself. Make sure you can turn a profit.

Check your local requirements, file your business and make it legal, and be sure to get the necessary insurance.

Cleaning Service Business Startup Guide Cleaning Service Business Startup Guide

Households are not the only places that require a thorough cleaning--so do offices, retail locations, and other businesses. And that's why few industries can claim the variety and depth of opportunities that professional cleaning can. This in-depth guide from Entrepreneur Magazine shows you how to start three hot cleaning business services: residential maid service, commercial janitorial and carpet/upholstery cleaning.
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