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Starting your own car wash facility can be a great way to provide a steady stream of income with no employees and very little overhead. People insert their payment and either drive through the wash, or wash the car themselves. Your main areas of concern will be maintaining the facility and equipment and making sure the cleaning solutions are regularly filled and operating correctly.

Building your own car wash takes a lot of careful planning and does require quite a large upfront cost. Between the land, building, supplies, heaters and doors (in colder climates), it can easily end up costing $75,000+ per bay. Once it is up and running, and assuming it is located in a good area with little competition, you can generate a rather residual revenue stream from a fixed asset which requires little maintenance. This provides a great deal of flexibility with the potential for a solid income.

Become very familiar with the local area in which you are planning to build your car wash. Know the town's regulations and development plans. You don't want to build a car wash on one end of town, while all the new home developments and building projects are taking place in the other direction.

Scope out the potential competition. Are there other washes nearby? Which one will be closer to more traffic?

If things become competitive, or another car wash opens up after yours, consider offering incentives and discounts through local gas stations to get more business.

Car Wash Business Startup Guide Car Wash Business Startup Guide

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