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If you have a passion for cars and enjoy giving cars a thorough cleaning, polishing, and waxing, both inside and out, then a car detailing business might be for you. Car detailers clean everything from the upholstery to the engine itself. Your services can vary in price depending on what the customer wants done, and the amount of labor and materials it will require.

Auto detailing requires some startup cost for equipment and supplies. For starters, you may want to keep your business mobile and travel to the customer's location so you don't need to invest in the expense of building or renting out retail space. Mobile auto detailing companies find work with individuals, car dealerships, limousine and car rental companies, and more. Some knowledge is helpful in terms of what equipment, types of polishes, and cleaning techniques will work best given the customer's specific needs. There is a moderate amount of flexibility in this business, and the income potential can be at least moderate.

There are places that offer car detailing training classes. Consider investing in this to learn the ins, outs, and professional techniques that will help you sell your services.

If you like the structure and backing of a larger organization, there are some auto detail companies that offer franchise opportunities. Sometimes this involves a larger startup cost though, however you will be working with a proven company and set of proven business procedures.

Middle to upper class car owners will be a good source of your business so you may want to focus your attention on finding customers through luxury car dealerships and repair shops.

Automobile Detailing Business Startup Guide Automobile Detailing Business Startup Guide

This guide from Entrepreneur Magazine describes how auto detailers go over a car in detail, waxing and polishing the paint, chrome and wheels and thoroughly cleaning the seats and upholstery until the car has a like-new showroom shine.
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