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If you are a creative person who enjoys the art of cooking, then becoming a cake decorator might just be for you. Cakes for special occassions like weddings can often cost several hundred dollars each. Your clients will want something that is usually custom-made to their desire. This might require you to draw their favorite cartoon character on the cake, or create a dazzling structure out of the layers which fits with the theme of the occassion. Most professional cake decorators do attend some form of schooling in the culinary arts to become familiar with the various ingredients, fillings, and frostings that can be used. The more you learn and the greater your creativity, the wider the range of clients you can serve. For instance, one customer may want you to focus on creating a cake that is not only visually appealing, but is low-carb at the same time. Know which ingredients will work to keep the carb count down, while also still providing a strong enough structure to support the cake design itself is a form of art that encompasses both knowledge and creative expression.

Be sure you have some visual creative talent. If you don't, you can't expect to design a custom cake that will please your customers and meet their specific needs. Remember, if they wanted a simple, boxed cake, they can get that for $20 at the supermarket.

Know your market. Are there other cake decorators in your area? How will you advertise? Do you have good relationships with wedding planners who can provide you with referrals?

Become informed. It helps to have professional culinary training. Read a book for more detailed information if you think this is a field you'd like to get into, and search for schools in your area.

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