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Outdoor advertising is a big business that requires very little overhead. Billboards can be a great way to generate a fairly residual stream of revenue from a stationary asset. In general, the first step is to learn the local laws of your city and state. Billboard regulations will vary in terms of how far apart they are allowed, size of the ad, structural materials, where on a road it may be located, and more. There are even a few states which do not allow billboards at all. Simply put though, getting started typically involves the following. First, you must find a spot that is legally possible to build a billboard on. Next, you must contact the owner of the property and see if they would be willing to lease a small part of that land to you in exchange for a percentage of revenue. After that, you must secure a billboard permit from the state and local authorities. After that, you can build it and offer up the ad space at whatever rate the market dictates. Finding a profitable location will depend on a number of factors including the amount of traffic on the road, where the billboard is placed (is it easily visible and not blocked by trees or other structures?), and what businesses are nearby.

The startup cost for a billboard company can be a moderately large investment. It can cost tens of thousands to build a sturdy, monopole, billboard. You will need to do your homework and there is a learning curve to identifying profitable locations and working with the land owners. There is a tremendous amount of flexibility in this business though and the income potential can be quite high if you secure buildboard in the right locations. Some billboards on high traffic roads sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

First, lookup the laws of the state and local areas around you where you would consider building billboards. Spend time researching and identifying if there are any available spots and how profitable you think they would be.

Try calling other billboard companies in the area to see what monthly rates they are charging for their signs. This will help you greatly in assessing the potential profitability of a location.

Keep your eye out for old signs or ones with a personal phone number on the board. Sometimes you can purchase these signs and permits for much cheaper than they are actually worth.

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