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Starting a Bed and Breakfast can be a big committment of your time, energy, and financial resources. Building or converting your existing home into a dwelling that will serve others requires thorough planning and a social personality. Guests typically choose to stay at a Bed and Breakfast for the warm atmosphere and personal attention that they wouldn't get elsewhere. This means it would be very adventageous, if not essential, for you to be a people person with a desire to serve others.

Knowing your existing market will be your first step in the planning process. Are there other Bed & Breakfast's in the area already? How much business do they already do? How will you advertise? What will set yours apart from the competitors and the hotels in the area? These questions are all essential parts of the planning process. Expenses can be modest, as well as profits. The income potential for a Bed and Breakfast can be somewhat limited in nature because of the limitations on your own personal time and attention which it takes to run the operation. Still, if you meet your local requirements, find the right niche, and market yourself effectively, you may find yourself happily running a full-time business within the walls of your existing home.

Interview existing Bed and Brekfast owners for advice. You may want to join a group online or network with people outside of your immediate area as they will be likely to share helpful information with you as you will not become a competitor within their own local area.

Research and plan extensively. Their are many laws like zoning and food restrictions which can become huge hurdles in determining if it is even possible to develop a Bed and Breakfast where you would like to.

Be a committed people person. Running a Bed and Breakfast is a huge committment that can require your 'round the clock attention. Guests usually choose one for the warmth and hospitality that they wouldn't get at a hotel. Be sure you have the resources, both financially and personally, to devote to this kind of endevour.

Bed & Breakfast  Business Startup Guide Bed & Breakfast Business Startup Guide

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