Becoming An Actor
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Acting can make for a wonderful career if you have the talent and perseverence. As an actor you might find yourself working in plays and other on-stage performances, tv commercials and shows, as well as movies from the small and independant films all the way up to the big budget hollywood hits. Acting is an art that requires a great deal of skill. Some of this skill is said to be innate, but you can definitely work at building it by taking acting classes or simply by practicing in front of the mirror!

The startup costs and learning curve in acting usually involve self-promotion and putting together some form of resume of work and a porfolio of photographs. Experience is key in building your portfolio, so don't automatically deny an acting job simply because of the pay. Even if it pays nothing, the experience can be beneficial to your portfolio. As an actor you will have more flexibility than others, but once you commit to a performance or film, you will be required to be there when it is needed, rather than on your own time. Although it is possible for some actors to "make it big" and earn an enormous income, they are few and far between.

Beware of acting scams! Many agencies will flatter you and get you in their door only to give you a sales pitch about spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on training and professional photographs. While it can be important to establish a professional portfolio of work, many people find themselves spending thousands of dollars on a portfolio, and not finding any work. Be sure your agency is legitimate.

Work at self-promotion. Even if you have an agent already, you need to stay on top of classified and online notices of open casting calls and auditions in your area. This is a great chance to show your talent directly to casting directors who can provide you with work.

As your career evolves, you may want to consider joining a union or guild, such as the Screen Actors Guild.

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