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Mystery Shopping or becoming a "secret shopper" as it is sometimes called, involves posing as a typical customer and providing valuable feedback to companies about your customer service. Industries most likely to use mystery shoppers includ retail, restaurants, car dealerships, among others. As a mystery shopper you can expect a variety of tasks such as purchasing clothes and evaluating the sales process, to simply visiting a store and evaluating the experience of others. Afterwards, you may get a questionarrie to fill out which will provide the company with the details of your experience. This helps them learn what they can work on and improve.

Secret shopping from legitimate companies requires almost no money to get involved. In fact, you should be wary of companies that charge up front fees for the priveledge of shopping with them. Many legitimate companies require no upfront cost and with either pay you hourly or work out an agreement where you can keep some of the merchandise you've purchased. There's not too much you need to learn, but you do need to be skilled at evaluating and providing meaningful feedback. The flexibility is somewhat low as you can't always determine what jobs will pop up when and where. As for income potential, very few people make a full-time living as a mystery shopper, though anything is possible. Most mystery shoppers do find it to be an exciting way to make an extra, part-time income.

Make sure you are good at evaluating and providing feedback. Do you already like to observe processes and look at how they can be improved?

Beware of mystery shopping scams. Be careful if the company charges upfront fees for the priveledge of shopping with them, and be realistic. Realize that most people do not make a full-time income by mystery shopping.

Consider joining online message boards and forums to learn about other people's legitimate experiences with mystery shopping.

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