Becoming A Model
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Do you have natural beauty? Even if you aren't considered "beautiful" by most everyone else's standards, there may still be work for you as a professional model. Models are needed for clothing and accessories of all shapes and sizes. As a model, your primary concern will be portraying yourself and keeping your appearance in alignment with the type of merchandise you are helping to promote.

It can be a cut-throat industry that can be difficult to break into. The startup cost is usually moderate and does take time to find a legitimate agency and establish some examples of your work. The flexibility can be low to moderate as you are usually required to be at a particular event or shoot on somebody's else's schedule. The income can be incredibly high for those who are very successful, however they are few and far between.

Beware of modeling scams! Many agencies will flatter you and get you in their door only to give you a sales pitch about spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on training and professional photographs. While it can be important to establish a professional portfolio of work, many people find themselves spending thousands of dollars on a portfolio, and not finding any work. Be sure your agency is legitimate.

Know your niche. Will you be modeling plus sizes, exotic accessories, or string bikinis? Be sure to pick a niche that matches with the appearance you feel capable of portraying.

Have a lot of inner strength and be realistic. The modeling industry can be very harsh, and you must be able to persevere when others are critical without letting the negativity destroy you.

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