Become A Makeup Artist
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Becoming a freelance makeup artist can be a fun and exciting way to apply your creative design skills and earn a living while doing it. If you have a passion for making people up or always see a "project" in others around you who could be "made over", then this might be the right line of work for you. Although most professional makeup artists travel on the road with film crews from location to location or work in a professional place of business, there is no reason why you can't get your foot in the door as a freelance makeup artist working from home.

Most of your start up costs will be needed to cover supplies like cutips, eye pencils, brushes, among a number of other beauty supplies. It helps to be trained in some formal setting on the methods and techniques you can use to enhance or alter someone's facial features. There are plenty of schools that provide this kind of training, and if you think this is something you'd eventually like to make a full-time profession out of, it is an investment worth pursuing. Flexibility is relatively tempered in this career as much of your work will be dependant on films, plays, and other performances. You will be expected to work when and where it is needed, rather than on your own terms. The income potential is rather moderate for most makeup artists.

Make sure you are the type of person who can be creative in your expressions, but also able to incorporate the basic elements someone else is requiring. Many times, a director will be giving you your basic direction of how to make someone look, but it will be up to you to apply the methods and techniques to make the client appear that way.

Consider attending a beauty school to get formal training in beauty techniques.

Be sure to get the proper permits and insurances to start your makeup artistry business.

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