Become A Songwriter
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Do you enjoy writing songs and creating music? If you love writing music, and don't have the drive to perform, you may want to become a songwriter. Songwriting allows you the creative expression of developing lyrics as well as composing the musical aspect of songs. Once you copyright and protect your songs you can attempt to sell them to record companies, other publishing companies, or directly to top recording artists. Typically your income is derived from royalties when the song is sold, played, or performed.

Songwriters do not typically have a large upfront cost to get started. It will however require and great deal of knowledge about music and the processes involved with writing and publishing it. Although it is not usually necessary, some songwriters choose to get a degree in music theory or a related study to strengthen their musical background. Songwriters do experience a great degree of flexibility, and if you end up writing songs that become extremely popular and get performed by top recording artists, the income can be very high.

Consider joining a songwriting guild or organization to network with others who share a similar passion.

Either learn how to publish your own music and create demos to provide to record companies, or consider finding a music publishing company to team up with and do this for you.

Always be sure to get the proper copyright protection on your music to provide you with the proper rights and protection if someone tries to copy your work.

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