Become A Recording Artist
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Do you love music? Do you play an instrument, sing, or sometimes find yourself creating bits of new song ideas in your spare time? If so, you may have what it takes to become a recording artist. Whether in a band, or independent, musicians find performing music to be their passion. As a recording artist, you may find yourself doing live performances, interviews for various forms of media, signing autographs, and taking part in other promotional events. Recording artists live a lifestyle that is free and creative. And if you're one of the few, you may be able to make it your full-time career.

Becoming a recording artist does take a lot of upfront time creating, recording, and performing new music. It does help to have a basic understanding of music, chords, scales, and more, but it is by no means necessary to creating and recording your own songs. The cost will vary, but most people can record their own cd on a very moderate budget. What will vary greatly will be your promotional costs. Do you want to perform live? What about merchandise? All of this costs money, and this is where landing a record label can help. The flexibility and income potential for a recording artist can be very high, although like most in the entertainment field, only a very few will make it to the very top.

Be sure to get the proper protection on your recorded music including copyrights and trademarks so that others will not copy your work.

Consider placing some of your music online. Develop a website and join online social communities to get your music out there and promote your name.

Be prepared for a large investment of your time and energy from promotional events to performances. The art of building your name and spreading your music can be very exhausting without any guarantee of success.

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