Become A Life Coach
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Becoming a professional life coach is a great way to combine your experience and understanding with helping other people succeed in their work and personal lives. Life coaches work at motivating others to become clear on what they want out of life, help develop a plan to achieve those goals, and then walk along side them in their efforts to accomplish them. As a life coach, you will be a leader, guide, and motivator to others.

Generally there is not a great deal of startup costs involved with becoming a life coach. Most of the coaching can be done with your clients over the phone, and most of the knowledge will come from your own experience. This type of job does allow for a great degree of flexibility and can be very financially lucrative as well as personally rewarding.

Consider attending a professional coaching school to get trained and certified in life coaching.

Consider working at life coaching part-time to start. As your client list fills, you may consider fully engaging yourself.

Networking plays a key role in attracting new clients to your life coaching service. Word of mouth and meeting people through other people will be a very important part in growing your business.

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